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Welcome! I'm Gina, and I am a die hard Philadelphia Eagles fan who was born, raised and still residing in New England. Some of you may know me as "Billboard Girl" from the Congratulatory Super Bowl Billboard that I helped facilitate here in Massachusetts. I decided to create a "Chasing Eagles Nation" project after fellow fans heard my story when the Billboard went viral and many reached out to me with their own stories of how they became Eagles fans. I was quite intrigued with what I heard so now I want to pay tribute to Eagles fans all over the world. I want to recognize and thank you for supporting our team and making the away games feel like home. I'm on a mission to find you and share your stories through blogs and video. Tell me how YOU  became a fan. 

I'm out here Chasing Eagles Nation.  Where can I find you??

The Fans....

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My team & fellow fans mean the world to me. Do you have questions or content you'd like to share?  Send me a message, and I will get back to you soon.

Chasing Eagles Nation

Massachusetts, United States